This is a book of answers. Answers that one woman found in her 8 year-long battle with depression, anxiety and PTSD whilst at the same time hiding her illness from her friends and colleagues because she was afraid of the stigma. These answers may be helpful to others who are seeking ways to get healed from their own illness. This book looks not just at main stream medicine but also alternative modalities that are available.

Natasha wrote this book to help those living in depression to know that “you are not alone in the darkness”. That there is help and that there are many guides who can help you climb out of the deep pit of darkness and into the light.

This is not just a memoir, this is a how-to book. A resource of many different authors and self-help personalities that helped Natasha find her way back from the brink of suicide.  She writes of her search to understand the causes of her illness and of her struggle to overcome her pain and find her way back from the darkness into living. She references many self-help books and different modalities that she tried which reinforced her belief that she had the power to heal herself. She credits many things for her recovery, but credits Louise Hay’s teachings most of all. She wrote this book in gratitude to Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Marianne Williamson, Joseph Murphy, Joe Dispenza, Pam Grout, Neville Goddard and all the other authors and personalities who helped her on her journey back.

With total candour and openness Natasha describes her misery and torment of living through her years of major depression and ptsd with a near suicide while hiding her agony from co-workers and friends because she was ashamed and afraid of the stigma attached to mental illness.

This book is written to help de-stigmatize depression as the illness it is and not a weakness of character.

This is a book of HOPE, DETERMINATION and RESILIENCE. It is a book that proves it is possible to TRIUMPH over this illness.


Words of Praise and RAVE REVIEWS for Thank You Louise Hay:

Steve Lurie C.M., Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto Branch, Adjunct Professor FISW, University of Toronto

Thank you Louise Hay is a true recovery story. Natasha shows her grit and determination, and tells how she overcame years of depression, found meaning in life and ways to contribute to making our world better. Anyone who doubts that it is possible to move from languishing to thriving should read this book.


5 Star Review By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

As doctors still try to agree on whether depression originates from genetics or our surroundings, we take an in-depth look into the illness and break down every possibility. The causes, symptoms, and treatments for this debilitating mental illness are examined in detail in Thank You Louise Hay by Natasha Bronfman, backed up with scientific research, whilst weaving in the author's own battle and life experiences of depression. Looking at the illness from many different angles, such as the principles of quantum physics, historical, spiritual and medical perspectives, this book will ask some important questions. Why do sufferers still feel embarrassed to discuss and admit to suffering from a mental illness as opposed to a physical one? How can family and loved ones best support someone with depression, and what are the common mistakes used that can harm not help? The journey out of the darkness of depression is possible and although everyone's experience of the illness is unique, this guide will offer enlightenment, hope, and encouragement that you are not alone. Depression is an illness that can draw you into the depths of despair but it should and will not define who you are. Use the references, quotes and suggested reading material throughout the book to find your personal path out of the darkness. 'No negative condition can remain in our lives when we truly love and accept ourselves.' -- Louise Hay.

Even if you have read other books on the subject of depression, I would still recommend you read Thank You Louise Hay by Natasha Bronfman. I loved the way the author tackles the subject from not only a personal perspective but from every aspect possible. Her definition of the symptoms was brutally honest and anyone who has suffered from the illness would surely relate to the feelings of hopelessness and darkness described. I also loved how the use of antidepressants was recommended just as a short term measure and not a lifestyle choice to battle the illness. The discussion into the quantum physics theory was very interesting as was the comparisons between nature and nurture. I found the examination of how the conscious and unconscious mind plays a key role in the illness, an awakening moment. This book is an absolute must-read for any sufferer or their family because it offers inspiration and hope that you can overcome this illness as others have. It also offers encouragement that you are not alone and talking about the illness should not be surrounded by shame. The bibliography at the end is vast and amazing too.

5 Star Review By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Natasha Bronfman survived her bout with depression. The ordeal was harrowing, so much so that it tore her apart. But she survived and coped by understanding her pain. Thank You Louise Hay recounts her lowest point and how she managed to emerge like a butterfly from its chrysalis. She penned this memoir/how to heal book with the profound purpose of reaching out to others suffering from the same malady, to help them cope and to reassure them that they are not alone. Any person trapped in the maw of depression can benefit from reading this book. Bronfman introduces us to her path toward recovery with the help of people who inspired her to keep going.

The author processes her emotions to help her facilitate coping with and understanding her painful feelings. But it seems that the more she tried to understand her moods, the more it perpetuated negativity. While the common mechanism employed in depression is denial or distraction, Bronfman chooses to go deep into the anatomy of her illness. Her writing is fluid and down to earth. She never bores you with details that could trigger an argument on therapy approaches. She gives a step by step account of her experience and keeps everything understandable. She writes with a layman’s approach, combining her medical therapy with practical solutions derived from inspirational figures and holistic methodologies. The book is practical, and the length is unintimidating. Its conciseness is its greatest strength. Thank You Louise Hay manages to address the deepest truths about depression with succinctness.

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